Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Photo Fair 2015- Delhi

Photo Fair 2015- Delhi

Photo Fair held last week in Delhi is one of our highlighted event for the complete week.
What and experience we had . I strongly believe that the excitement and experience double folded as from the online registration where we registered ourselves as Owner of Chitrakatha Studio. As the experience would have been rather different if had not been a part of Chitrakatha Studio.
The highlights of the fair were the Vintage Camera Museum, the next gen technology from all the manufacturers and different kind of Albums and gifting materials.
Tried lenses and camera of different manufactures .  Pictures are posted into my website and Facebook page.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

ChitraKatha Studio

I am just kind of confused that whether I should write about how ChitraKatha studio started or what made me start a blog as my first post.
So I made my mind firstly to write about how ChitraKatha studio started.
We never before have planned or thought of starting a studio or providing photography services professionally. Our passion was photography and use to always find out excuses to spend time into photography. Then one day one of my friend asked us to click photos on his cousins wedding, and we just thought was joking. Next day he asked us to come to his place and when we reached we were just shocked to see a whole lot of curious people waiting for us. And as we just reached they just started shooting questions. After almost 20 min the man of the house asked a question that kept us speechless at least for few seconds.
He asked “how much you guys charge for wedding?"
After almost a minute we replied with the most diplomatic answer " uncleji ghar ka baat hai,khusi khusi jo de doge aap " :P
So we had our first project but we still didn't had any name, any website or Facebook page.
Thanks to my best /awesome friend (as she wants to be referred) for coming up with the name 'ChitraKatha Studio' and within 3 days we have our website and our Facebook page
Thanks to my friend, a professional designer for the logo that we conceptualised.

And that's how ChitraKatha Studio started.